About Company

Over 40,000 customers use our pen

Who owns PHOENIX ®?

PHOENIX CONRAD Co. LTD.  is a private company established in 2001 in London & registered PHOENIX brand in 2003.

What is the main field of  PHOENIX CONRAD Co. LTD. productions?

Our main field of production is stationary mainly Pens. Also in near future we will produce other products in stationary field.

Which countries produce our productions? Uk?

No. we do not produce our goods in uk. Our factories are located in South Korea & also we are establishing some factories in Japan.

What is the corporate structure of PHOENIX CONRAD Co. LTD. looking like?

PHOENIX CONRAD Co. LTD.  Is the holding company that has agencies in other countries like Netherlands. Ukraine. Greece. Germany. & also some Asian countries like Japan.  China. South Korea. Singapore. Thailand. Malaysia. Iran. & some other countries.

What is PHOENIX CONRAD Co. LTD. doing to preserve the planet?

We are looking at each part of our value chain that affects the environment. More importantly, we decided what we are doing about it concretely. As a consequence, we are proud to name ourselves a DIN ISO 14001 certified company.

What is PHOENIX CONRAD Co. LTD.  doing to preserve the product quality?

Delivering a high product quality constantly is our daily business. We have implemented a quality insurance system throughout our entire value chain. As a consequence, we are proud to name ourselves a DIN ISO 9001 certified company.

Can I buy products from PHOENIX CONRAD Co. LTD. directly?

Sorry, we don’t do direct business with companies or private people. We sell our products solely to you via our dealership partners worldwide and we would be more than happy to assist you in finding the right dealership partner for you.

How can I become your sales partner?

We are constantly checking our opportunities in all of our markets. Currently, we are interested to team up with more partners especially outside of Europe. If you’re interested to become a partner, simply send us your ideas and the intended sales region by Email at: [email protected]

Will you be doing business in even more countries than you already do?

Yes, we have plans to do business in even more countries than today. Sometimes, we allow our partner to sell our products exclusively in a certain region or even in a country.


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